Join us for Story SLAM to celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month, in collaboration with The Moth, is hosting a StorySLAM to celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month this June at Emerson’s Paramount Mainstage Theatre. We hope you can join us on June 11th starting at 7:00pm!

The Theme

In honor and celebration of Immigrant Heritage Month, this Story Slam is titled: Roots. Join us for a night of meaningful stories about family, love and loss, and the source of our greatness – immigration. 

Want to share your own story?

If you are interested in sharing your story, prepare a five-minute story about your roots. Whether you have a story of being uprooted, reassigned, relocated, plucked from X and plopped into Y. Resettled by choice or lack of choice. Putting down new roots. Seamless assimilations, tight squeezes and impossible fits. Tell the story of what makes you, you! 

All story submissions will be put into a hat and picked on the spot. Each teller will have 5 minutes to tell his or her tale. After each story, the judges confer and give a score. The teller with the highest score becomes our StorySLAM winner. The winner will compete with the year’s other winners in our next Boston GrandSLAM Championship.

Contact Andi at if you are interested in telling your story! 

How It Works

7:00pm: Doors open. Sign up to tell a story, volunteer to be on a judging team or just sit back and listen.

8:00pm: The show begins with an introduction from the President of Todd Schulte! 

Tickets are only $8.00. Get your tickets now before they are gone!

We hope you can join us on June 11th starting at 7:00pm! See you there!

Thank you!

Alejandra St. Guillen

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